PreFab Eco Home

Prefabricated dwelling gets a face lift

NOV 2018

PreFab Personality Project

Some of you may know – PreFab homes often lack personality. It was our job to turn this around and bring something new to this design. Instead of the usual PreFab home. Clamoring for space was not an issue with this multi story project. We used concrete slabs to hold the main floor wall, which provides a stark Brutalist contrast to that of the wood.

We took inspiration from natural forms and included a spiral staircase. These staircases are actually a brilliant use of space, and super stylish and cool. Our client particularly wanted one, so we decided to add a recycled wooden staircase. We also wanted a mild 70s vibe – because our client liked this design. So we have a lot of natural wood grains, and a herringbone pattern floor. We love it! Sometimes you get a client that pushes your design comfort zone and this was certainly that.

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Marina Juanquez




New South Wales, Australia




Prefab Project